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September 11, 2012
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Eon- OCTournament of the Rings audtion- Reference by nearmouse622 Eon- OCTournament of the Rings audtion- Reference by nearmouse622
Am i submitting art for the first time in 4 years? Wow. That's... wow. Okay, This is my new OC, Eon.

Name: Eon (pronounced Eh-On, not Ee-on)

Species: Morpho-Human (But still not clear)

Nationality: Korean and American

Age: Unknown

Appearance: 10 years old, thin frame, whitish-blond hair, and fuzzy eyes.

Eye color: He originally has gray eyes, but it can vary when his mood changes drastically, for example his eyes will turn reddish-black when he goes mad, purple when curious.

Height: 4’11’’ (Even though he argues, quietly, he is 5’2’’), but 6’ when he suffers traumatic mood shifts.

Scars: The reason his right arm kind of looks shorter than his left is because (no, not because of poor drawing… or is it? :P) of an accident. He remembers falling down multiple stairs and his right arm got crushed by some kind of heavy object, a doctor fixed him up as best as he can, but he still has a big ugly scar that runs through his right elbow.
Right side: Quill styled
Left side: the end point of the hair always points to 90 degrees west.

Ring: Hexagonal Nut Shaped, the letters engraved on it spells “Memento Mori”, Meaning “Remember your mortality”.

Powers: His body heals well because of the “charge-heal” (takes maximum 12 hours to heal a gruesome damage),
His hair and hand can turn into sharp-aero jell-like metal that can be controlled to have any sharpness he wants (maximum hardess would be near diamond, minimum would be clay),.
When he touches people’s forehead with his left finger while saying “memento mori”, most effectively staring into their eyes, he can make the opponents go into a trance and suffer both bad and good experiences, even death-like experience (hence the name “memento mori”).
His hair can be as long as 5 meters, although he tires out quickly when using maximum length.
His left arm can be lengthened up to 1.5 meters (while the right, 2 meters) while he suffers drastic mood changes.
Has an unusual luck (if he hadn’t tripped on the stairs the day he broke his arm, he would have been crushed to death about 10 seconds later by a concrete block)

Will: He still questions what happened to “the day”, and hopes to find a more detailed answer, also hoping to find his parents.

Background: His soul ring is originally from a guy named “Wade V. Hiaasen”, and is currently lodged inside of his body (how? You will know if you see the upcoming prologue). He still remembers “the day” when he first met him bleeding horribly, lying down on the floor. Wade was surprised to see him, and soon he smiled, coughing up blood, saying these words.
“You are alive… That’s why I am living for…”
And then gunshots… a small ‘thud’… and he can’t remember anything else.
Wade’s power was “charge-heal”, and that ability passed on to Eon along with what was left of his soul.

Weird things: He has little emotion for some reason, and he can stand up for pretty small traumas, but every nut can be cracked. He has an unfinished tattoo on his belly, seems to be “concealed” in his chest. He does know that he has a soul ring somewhere, but he doesn't know where. He can feel just a little pain, so he can stand big injuries. He produces dub step with his mouth when he is thinking about something. He has cross-shaped pupils. Bleeds a lot from everywhere, they just burst from anywhere!!!

Likes: Electricity, Chemistry, Food, Math, Dub step (IKR?), Puzzles and peace.

Dislikes: Mood swings, Reminiscence of his past, evil people, Too much people, and new clothes.

Strength: Malleable Hair and limbs, “memento mori”, Charge-heal, and a lighting rod(not discovered yet), unaffected to high temperature because of his malleable hair.

Weaknesses: Water, even though he can drink water and swim, he prefers not to.
Mood changes, Even though he can get more aggressive, his defense becomes a bit weaker.
Guns, Not because it can injure him, but “the day” affected him so much that he gets traumatic experiences.

Side Note: There will be more secrets unveiled after some battles or even after the prologue.

"What are my past? What do I do now.."-Eon

Thanks for looking at my (amateur) drawings. *bow*
1pieceluver Sep 24, 2012  Student General Artist
XD Nice! Latin buddy yay!!
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